Saturday, June 21, 2008

Apparel Arts/GQ magazine covers (1957 to 2000s)

The role of print media, especially prior to television, was highly influential in setting and calibrating standards and tastes in men's clothing.  Much the way that some newspapers used to be considered newspapers of record, certain magazines played that role for men's clothing.  Apparel Arts used to be such a magazine of record and standard bearer for men's dress.

Here is a link to an archive of Apparel Arts and GQ covers from the 1950s to present day, some 528 of them. It offers a fascinating lens to to the past and present. Of course, many would argue that the high water mark is found in the Apparel Arts of the 1930s, during which the printed reality most closely comported with the social and sartorial reality on the ground.

Update: For all of you vintage apparel magazine fans, I've found a Fedora Lounge thread with scans of the first Esquire issue - Autumn 1933.


Rod said...

I didn't realize that Apparel Arts became GQ until I was flipping through those covers. Thanks for the link and the site.

Easy and Elegant Life said...

I can't believe there wouldn't be a huge market for reprints of AA... . What a reference and what a time.

Erin_m said...

You're amazing. Thank for this link and ALL of your work within the highly complex, near secretive but beautiful world of men's clothing. ~erin

sleevehead said...

Thanks for the kind comments. Sometimes I wonder when I'm drafting a particular entry whether the topic at hand is really that interesting for people to read. This entry was actually one of them. Great to hear that rod, easy/elegant and erin are among those interested!

Thanks erin for the wonderful description of men's clothing - 'complex, secretive and beautiful' is spot on. Of course, I hope to make it just a bit less complex and more transparent with my blog, but no less interesting.