Sunday, December 14, 2008

Classical music and classic men's clothing

Below is a recent Charlie Rose interview of James Levine, conductor of the luminous Boston Symphony, Daniel Barenboim, former music director of the mighty Chicago Symphony and centenarian American composer Elliott Carter.

At 100 years old, I give Carter leeway in his dress but I do note his charming use of suspenders. Note the jacket on Daniel Barenboim - an example of a soft shoulder with no or very minimal padding (and unusual, Teba-like lapels - no notch as far as I could see).

Contemporary classical music is in a very similar situation to "classical" men's clothing. It doesn't resonate with today's audience or to use Barenboim's phrase it lacks immediacy.

In my Tom Ford entry, I give short shrift to "timeless" style in men's clothing. This is because its strict application tends to lack "immediacy" - trueness to you and your context. I believe men should be absolutely aware of classical men's clothing but they should not be slavishly bound to the canon in all things, all times and all places. For better or worse, we have the freedom to make choices.


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