Sunday, April 26, 2009

Recession-savvy shirt care: How to iron a shirt Old World style

As a follow up to my recent entry on shoes, here's another feature in the "recession-savvy" series of wearing your clothes for longer wear. This time we're talking dress shirts and how to care for them.

This blog entry by shirtmaker Laliquette goes into detail on each step that he goes through in ironing a shirt. Since this is a global recession, he very helpfully provides instructions in English, French and Russian! I chatted with my own shirtmaker who said the instructions were very good and similar to what he does.


laliquette said...

I don't knew that my article:
" how to iron a shirt" was in your blog.
I wont by this few words thank you.

sleevehead said...

Au contraire Laliquette, we should be thanking you for sharing your knowledge!