Sunday, May 02, 2010

Bespoke in Santa Barbara: Michael Anderson

Tailor Michael Anderson originally got his start in West Hollywood opening a store called Clacton & Frinton in 1980. According to this Santa Barbara Independent article, Anderson trained with a Savile Row cutter and now operates a retail and custom storefront in Santa Barbara called Takapuna.

I have not had a chance to visit and chat with Anderson. But judging from the photos in the article, the lines and silhouette of his suits remind me of Kilgour, Huntsman or Richard Anderson. He describes his style as "Hollywood's version of an English gentleman."

As the article describes, Anderson uses block patterns and modifies them for individual clients. In particular, he offers a "James Bond" style suit, which presumably echoes the trim fitting suits made by Anthony Sinclair for Sean Connery in the early 1960s.

Santa Barbara readers are welcome to post their experiences with Anderson.

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GP said...

You have the style defined well. Classic lines. Seems to have been popular with the indy-movie crowd of the 1980s (Malkovich, Lynch...). The prices seem too good to be true -- when you consider a better made off the rack piece (no glue) is $1600 at our local (Santa Barbara) dept., store -- and it is little more for a made to measure piece according to their website. I assume this is not constructing a personal pattern, etc -- but still a chance to try something different, select a material... I like their shirts and recommend them.