Thursday, November 18, 2010

2010 Cravats Award nomination: Best classic style blog

Daniel Eckler at contacted me recently and let me know that Sleevehead has been nominated for a 2010 Cravats Award in the category of "best classic style blog". We're in distinguished company along with A Suitable Wardrobe and the English Cut.

If you enjoy reading my blog, feel free to vote for Sleevehead as well as the other fine blogs and websites up for nomination. Voting ends on December 24th.

Thanks again to my readers for your continued interest!


vir beātum said...

Congratulations. You are certainly worthy of it.

sleevehead said...

Thank you VB, I've linked to Being Manly, a vessel of thoughtful writing!

vir beātum said...

Thanks for the link. Much appreciated.