Wednesday, December 01, 2010

More shopping apps: Rightcliq

The marketing folks at Visa contacted me recently about their online shopping tool Rightcliq. I haven't had a chance to test drive the tool (which currently supports Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer) but it looks interesting. The tool allows a user to clip and aggregate different products from different online sources and manage them in a single repository.

Amazon has a similar tool called the Wish List browser add-on that sits in the toolbar of your browser and allows you to add any product from any website to your Amazon wish list. Consolidation equals convenience. Also Alan Flusser's BeSpeak iPhone app has a wardrobe management function to manage different combinations of men's clothing.

Rightcliq builds on these ideas by creating a more general and flexible version of the wish list called "wishspaces". The tool also adds a crowdsourcing aspect by allowing you to share your wishspace with friends via email or Facebook for their input into your buying decision.

I see two early adopter segments for this tool:
  • Avid online consumers, esp. women who browse through dozens of blogs, e-commerce websites and fashion websites to collect and build ideas for new looks, accessories and pieces
  • Professional style consultants who manage outfits, looks and wardrobes for their clients (or anyone who needs to manage the wardrobe of friends, relatives, children, etc).

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