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Men's apparel in Los Angeles - yesterday & today

    Since I live in LA, I've been meaning to post something apparel-related to LA. I came across this interesting post on men's stores of yesteryear in Los Angeles.

Here are my recommendations for visitors and denizens alike. For custom shirts, Anto's Shirtmakers is acknowledged as the best in town. I haven't tried them yet but they're on my wish list. Brooks Bros has a decent shirt program at a lower price point. For outfitting a basic wardrobe, you can't go wrong with Carroll & Co, Brooks Bros and Ralph Lauren - all within a few blocks of each other in Beverly Hills.

In addition, there are some recent and informative postings in the discussion forum world on the state of menswear shops in LA today:
A recent stroll down Rodeo Drive
Finding English shoes in LA
Finding English and Italian shoes in LA

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