Sunday, June 18, 2006

Interviews with the author of The Suit

From the author of the recently published book The Suit: A Machiavellian Approach to Men's Style, here are two interviews he gave recently on the book and general thoughts on men's clothing:

Interview part 1
Interview part 2

Monday, June 05, 2006

Finally! Knize's new website

After having a placeholder for the longest time, Knize & Comp have finally rolled out a website. And it's a handsomely designed one at that.

It's quite a delight to see photos of the Loos designed interiors and exterior. There are also stunning examples of their house styles in lounge/business suit (Anzug), blazer (Blazer), morning coat or cutaway (Cut), stroller (Stresemann, named after the Weimar statesman), tails (Frack) and dinner suit (Smoking). If you want near definitive examples of proper men's dress, look no further.

I think the photo examples of Knize's morning coat and evening tails look especially winning (though perfectionists might quibble with the white pique bowtie extending beyond the wing collar tips in the latter photo).

Nonetheless, I'm quite delighted that a mere few months after my earlier blog entry attempting to amend Knize's lack of web presence that, lo and behold, the website is here. Endlich!