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Novex: The second fitting

    I stopped by Novex today for my second fitting. All in all, the fit was extremely good - Harold breezed through the standard 'punch list' for a jacket fitting - collar fit, front and back balance, jacket length, sleeve pitch, button stance and gorge. The admirable characteristics I noted in my earlier entry remain - a touch of waist suppression, relaxed and open front quarters, a clean but full chest and a crisp, subtly concave shoulder line (with roping I should add). Actually, the cut is rather similar to Kilgour, but with less shoulder drape. To mix metaphors, Novex's house style could be described as Roman/Continental shoulder with a dash of Neapolitanism (open front quarters).

The side-tabbed trousers also turned out well, perhaps a touch loose in the stride but very comfortable and slightly tapered. I should note that there was no trouser try-on in the first fitting, so make sure you note any trouser preferences in your first appointment with Harold. In my case, I prefer a longer zipper than the one he made for me.

Harold also made a point of saying that the jacket front will stay together even without being buttoned up. This is an interesting point though I would suspect that should hold true for all properly made jackets.

I look forward to picking up the completed suit next week, which is very good turnaround - just two and a half weeks from order to completion.

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