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Bel y Cia update: Teba jacket

    I normally avoid posting photos of jackets on hangers mainly because they often look rather lifeless or less than flattering. Nonetheless, below is a picture of my MTM Teba jacket from Bel y Cia. It has four buttons and displays an impressive amount of lapel roll (to second button). Keep in mind the Teba's practical and hunting heritage - hence the four buttons. There are also two collar buttons underneath the lapel that can be fastened. The jacket features a patch breast pocket, two patch pockets and one interior chest pocket. The color I chose was an olive-gray, which is swatch #24 (see photos of the two swatch books in my earlier entry on Bel y Cia).

Bel y Cia Teba jacket

Bel y Cia Teba jacket (flickr)

In terms of construction, it is entirely unpadded and unlined except for a small area on each side of the upper chest. The shoulder is constructed like a shirt shoulder rather than a normal jacket shoulder. Buttonholes are handmade and straight seams appear to be machine-sewn. Since the jacket is MTM, I should also note that the armhole is larger than on my bespoke jackets.

Overall, I am very pleased with the jacket and will probably think about ordering a linen version for the summer. This I can order over the phone or email since I have no adjustments to make on the jacket. For anyone traveling to Barcelona to place an order, I recommend getting measured twice and being quite specific about waist suppression and sleeve length. I did both and these contributed to the end product. And don't forget to pick up the two swatch books for future orders.

Note: Spelling correction made from Tiba jacket to Teba jacket. Updated photo 12/8/08

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