Sleevehead: New fabric: 3-ply glenplaid                                                          

New fabric: 3-ply glenplaid

    I recently acquired a length of medium brown glenplaid with pink overcheck woven by an English mill. The ground is actually a bit darker than the swatch photo. Weight is 320g (11oz) and it's a robust 3-ply weave with a very firm yet feathery hand and dry finish.

Dark brown glencheck

Harold at Novex just recently finished completing a 2 piece suit out of it for me. Here's the finished product:

Novex SB brown glenplaid 02Novex SB brown glenplaid 01

He prefers making a straight Roman-style shoulder and full cut trousers. The shoulder of this particular suit has about half of the usual shoulder padding he uses. The tie is made by Sam Hober and the shirt by Freddy Vandecasteele.

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