Sunday, October 07, 2007

American trad: West Coast & East Coast

The retailers of "American trad" are usually associated with the East Coast, specifically New England. These are shops like J. Press and the Andover Shop and, in the South, shops like Ben Silver and Eljos.

Member NukeMeSlowly recently visited what is probably the leading West Coast retailer of trad - Cable Car Clothiers in San Francisco. He took extensive photos in this StyleForum thread and AskAndy thread. The closest trad competitor in California probably would be Carroll & Co. in Beverly Hills.

I've found some excellent, unusual items from trad retailer O'Connell's, which is based in Buffalo, NY. Be sure to check their Customer Pictures section, where the store picks out selected items from their sizeable inventory for display. They have some amazing new old stock Invertere storm coats (one vicuna lined, another alpaca-lined), which are unfortunately not in my size. Invertere Coatwrights (est. 1904) is a venerable English make that is apparently no longer in business. Creator of the "buffer coat", the company seems to have closed down and then attempted to relaunch (link to website placeholder and contact info).


Anne said...

Tim is a J.Press fan- we had a nice experience at their store in Cambridge, MA

resack said...

Carroll & Co is hardly trad. I usually drop by
when I visit LA because it is a block from my 97 yrrold mother-in laws. It is conservative, by LA standards, but not a natural shoulder coat
can be found in the store. They seem to specialize
in safe, boring, high quality very corporate looking clothing.

sleevehead said...

Remember this is Southern California and they are probably the closest to trad here. They carry telltale elements of the style like Alden shoes. The last time I visited they said they used Norman Hilton for one of their MTM lines.