Sunday, November 25, 2007

Affordable bespoke tailors for less than $1,500

In the Los Angeles area, we have a couple of bespoke options with some folks reporting favorable results with both.

1. Ariel Tello (no website, AskAndy thread, StyleForum thread)
2. Johnathan Behr (StyleForum thread, AskAndy thread)
3. Novex (no website, Sleevehead blog entries) - Novex deserves an honorable mention. Suits start at $1,600 for customer supplied fabric.

In New York City, there are at least 5 bespoke or semi-bespoke tailors charging less than $1,500 per suit according to this StyleForum thread:

1. Traguardo
2. Mr. Ned (no website, StyleForum thread)
3. Giliberto Designs
4. Ercole's Creative Fashions (AskAndy thread)
5. Winston Tailors - Chipp

Updated 04/21/09

Saturday, November 03, 2007

A bespoke patrimony

In the current issue of Men's Vogue, John Seabrook writes on the quandary - an embarrassment of riches actually - of assuming a remarkable inheritance - 130 Savile Row suits, 500+ Jermyn Street shirts and 50+ pairs of Edward Green shoes. His father was named one of Esquire's best dressers in the 1960s for good reason. The conundrum is simple. Although the jackets fit Mr. Seabrook, he has no interest in wearing his father's clothes. What to do? Here's the accompanying AskAndy thread on the Men's Vogue article.

I wrote on precisely this quandary in an earlier entry on the passage of bespoke clothing through the generations. Actually, if I had an extra room, I would gladly assume the collection. Had I but closet enough and time!