Sunday, November 25, 2007

Affordable bespoke tailors for less than $1,500

In the Los Angeles area, we have a couple of bespoke options with some folks reporting favorable results with both.

1. Ariel Tello (no website, AskAndy thread, StyleForum thread)
2. Johnathan Behr (StyleForum thread, AskAndy thread)
3. Novex (no website, Sleevehead blog entries) - Novex deserves an honorable mention. Suits start at $1,600 for customer supplied fabric.

In New York City, there are at least 5 bespoke or semi-bespoke tailors charging less than $1,500 per suit according to this StyleForum thread:

1. Traguardo
2. Mr. Ned (no website, StyleForum thread)
3. Giliberto Designs
4. Ercole's Creative Fashions (AskAndy thread)
5. Winston Tailors - Chipp

Updated 04/21/09

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John24 said...

You can check this french tailor website : They make bespoke suits & shirts from 250€, full canvass. They use different italian fabric, and the quality is really fine !