Sunday, January 06, 2008

3 great reads: Monocle, The Men's Book, The Black Book 2007

Happy new year. Looking back last year, I found myself reading and going back to three great magazines:
Monocle combines articles and photo essays in international affairs, design, business and travel in one compact format. The fall/winter 2007 issue of The Men's Book featured a spread on bespoke in LA: Jack Taylor, Waraire Boswell, Duncan Quinn and Anto Shirtmakers. MB also features a well-researched food/restaurants section and events calendar.

The Black Book is a one-off issue on men's clothing. The 2007 issue featured a section on bespoke tailors (including a photo of one of Kilgour's regular visiting US cutters) and shirtmakers. The shirtmaker list was interesting for mentioning two LA area shirtmakers: Anto and my own shirtmaker Freddy Vandecasteele.

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