Saturday, December 01, 2007

Trouser sidetabs

In my quest for properly fitting trousers, I initially found it difficult to make sense of the seemingly myriad waistband options available for unbelted or beltless trousers. These included: Daks top, D-ring adjusters, button sidetabs, waistband level v. below-the-waistband positioning. What were these and what do they look like?

This LondonLounge thread contains the best photos of sidetabs that I have seen to date. For Daks top trousers in particular, check out this thread.


Andrew Lee said...

have you found a good source for unbelted trousers in los angeles? i have yet to find one.

sleevehead said...


I haven't found a local source of ready-to-wear trousers with sidetabs in LA. But you can request sidetabs from any number of made-to-measure makers with presence in LA - Brooks Bros, (Hemranjani) and visiting Hong Kong tailors come to mind. Local bespoke/custom tailors are another obvious choice. has a couple of advantages - price and convenience. They're about 40-60% cheaper than Brooks MTM or a local bench tailor. In addition, they have a physical location in Orange County that you can visit and get measured. They also do regular visits to LA, Pasadena, etc.

This is a good option if you have a pair of well-fitting trousers with the right rise, leg/knee width, etc. that Hemrajani can copy.