Saturday, January 26, 2008

Boston Globe on the Alden Shoe Company

The Boston Globe recently published an article on Alden, the venerable American shoe company and the last remaining shoe and bootmaker in New England. Allen-Edmonds is the only other American RTW men's shoemaker with production still in the United States. Although shoe aficionados often move on to the English or Italian shoemakers, both Alden and Allen-Edmonds make a solid, quality product. I wear both brands on a regular basis.

Enjoy the accompanying video clip below.

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Thursday, January 17, 2008

LA Times on Novex and Jack Taylor

Both Novex and Jack Taylor are featured in a LA Times article this week on Los Angeles tailors. The article looks at both bespoke and alteration tailors for men and women. The lead photo features Harold of Novex, wearing what it looks like is one of his own jackets. The link to the photo gallery has a picture of Jack Taylor and a nearly finished Taylor jacket on a mannequin.

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French tailors: Demi-mesure and grande mesure

For those living in Paris, a French blogger has conveniently listed the top Parisian tailors - both bespoke (grande mesure) and made to measure or semi-bespoke (demi-mesure).

His list of tailleurs offering grande mesure includes: Cifonelli, Camps de Luca, Smalto, Gabriel Gonzalez, Rovito and Max Evzeline.

Demi-mesure tailleurs include: Marc Guyot and Elie di Fiore (formerly of Camps de Luca I believe).

NPR/All Things Considered: Joe Centofanti and his new apprentice

A well-timed piece by NPR on the new apprentice working with Philadelphia tailor Joe Centofanti. Well-timed because it comes on the heels of my entry "The next generation of tailors: Mutually assured succession". Be sure to listen to the audio portion as well.

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Sunday, January 06, 2008

3 great reads: Monocle, The Men's Book, The Black Book 2007

Happy new year. Looking back last year, I found myself reading and going back to three great magazines:
Monocle combines articles and photo essays in international affairs, design, business and travel in one compact format. The fall/winter 2007 issue of The Men's Book featured a spread on bespoke in LA: Jack Taylor, Waraire Boswell, Duncan Quinn and Anto Shirtmakers. MB also features a well-researched food/restaurants section and events calendar.

The Black Book is a one-off issue on men's clothing. The 2007 issue featured a section on bespoke tailors (including a photo of one of Kilgour's regular visiting US cutters) and shirtmakers. The shirtmaker list was interesting for mentioning two LA area shirtmakers: Anto and my own shirtmaker Freddy Vandecasteele.