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Update: Nedo Bellucci Napoli

    I wrote last year about my experience chatting with Nedo Bellucci who is based in New York City. As far as I know, Nedo is the only purveyor of custom Neapolitan-style suits and shirts who is actually based in the United States. There are of course visiting tailors as I described in my earlier blog entry. But for the most part, those who are partial to the soft-shouldered Neapolitan cut need to travel to Naples.

Unless of course you travel to NYC or Nedo travels to you. He is in fact launching his first travel itinerary to Atlanta (from February 15th to 19th) and Florida (from February 19th to 27th). I also believe he is offering a promotion on shirts (regularly $225 and up) and suits (regularly $3,000 and up). For more info, contact him at or by phone at 212.810.9536.

Additionally, I do have some photos of a Bellucci suit and shirt I can share:

Single breasted, 3-2 button suit in glenplaid

Bellucci 3-2 SB glenplaid 02

Bellucci 3-2 SB glenplaid 05

Spread collar shirt

Collar and collar button (with crow's feet stitching)
Bellucci spread Conclini 170s pinstripe 04

Exterior view of sleeve attachment
Bellucci spread Conclini 170s pinstripe 03

Interior view of sleeve attachment
Bellucci spread Conclini 170s pinstripe 02

Handsewn buttonhole
Bellucci spread Canclini 170s pinstripe 01

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