Sunday, April 20, 2008

Blogs: Nedo Bellucci and Slow Wear

I'd like to welcome a couple of recent entrants to the blogosphere. Nedo has launched his own blog recently. As he describes in the blog, he is introducing a novel and intriguing line of shirts with a level of custom somewhere between ready-to-wear and bespoke.

The difference is the introduction of a semi-finished shirt body (similar to a basted try-on suit jacket). I haven't seen the new line yet but it should be quite interesting to learn more about it in my next visit.

Slow Wear is a German blog which I recently discovered linked to my blog. I appreciate the link!


angrymachao said...

Hi sleevehead! Have you had any experience with Nedo's pants? Do you have any idea how it compares to Incotex, Kiton et al?

The prices look very reasonable(albeit probably for a limited time) and I am very tempted indeed :)

sleevehead said...

Yes, I have found that Nedo's trousers fit well. For me, he specified a fairly slim leg and lean silhouette. In fact, his trousers are narrower than almost all of my other trousers (except for a pair of close-fitting 7FAM jeans). The slim pants balances well against the shorter jacket he makes for me. So if you like a leaner look, he could be a very good choice for you.