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Breanish Tweed - A baker's dozen of Shetlands

    Among tweed aficionados, Breanish Tweed is high on the list of favored weavers. Woven in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland, Breanish woolens are unique in several ways. They are handwoven on a single width Hattersley loom from natural yarns that are also warped by hand.  Until recently, much of Breanish production went primarily to designer houses and Savile Row tailors who make up custom tweeds for their customers.

However, last year Breanish Tweed in cooperation with distributor Jodek embarked on their first set of stock-supported cloth for wide distribution. This means they now offer cut lengths to any tailor who wishes to order Breanish Tweed for his customers. This season Breanish and Jodek offer a dozen 10.5oz Shetland tweeds in single widths in blues, reds, greens and browns (both solids and patterns). Below is a close up of Shetland ST7's weave (note: the actual color is considerably darker).  

Breanish ST07 alt 01

For my next project, my local tailor will be making up a jacket length of Breanish ST7, which is a richly subdued melange of maroon, loganberry and brown herringbone with a dark green and blue overcheck. This is not a color palette for everyone but I like its ability to be paired with trousers in shades of grey as well as brown. If you're interested in the cloths, ask your tailor to contact Jodek (link below).

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