Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Brooks Brothers Mad Men limited edition suits

I received an email yesterday indicating that Brooks Bros has put up a special section on their website for their limited edition Mad Men suits. As might be predicted, reaction in the online world has been mixed as this Styleforum thread shows, with the comments perhaps tracking more on the critical side.

If you like the styling and, above all, are a close fit to a standard men's size (in particular the Brooks 1818 Collection suits), I'd have to disagree with the more critical forumites and say go for it. I'm not especially keen on the "Mad Men Edition" lettering on the inside label. But it looks like a solidly constructed suit and I see nothing criminal about the lapel size. For those who did not notice, the lapels are a touch narrower than the rules-based dictum that the lapel should be about half the shoulder width.

Speaking of details, I did like the fact that the lapel just kisses the corner of the chest pocket rather than fully covering both corners. It is fairly uncommon to find this on jackets these days (or perhaps I'm not looking hard enough).

I also found interesting the Brooks Bros archival photos of the 1960s which show Peal shoes from that era selling for as low as $28 and standard tie width at around 2 inches.

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