Saturday, November 14, 2009

Dressing up in Dresden

Another summer sartorial retrospective - this time in Dresden. Yes, that's right, in former East Germany the desire to dress well is alive and well 20 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall and some 65 years after the deadly firebombing of the city during World War II. Time heals as the saying goes. Dresden has prospered and done quite well in the new Germany.

In the Hotel Taschenbergpalais (highly recommended by the way and situated right in the historic city center near the River Elbe), I found this window display by a high end men's and women's retailer, Prüssing & Köll.

Prüssing & Köll

Prüssing & Köll

Prüssing & Köll

Prüssing & Köll

Hmm, those shoes below have a familiar look about them. Could they be English?

Prüssing & Köll

They are indeed of English manufacture. Judging from the printed delivery time and pricing, they are probably made by Edward Green for the store.

Prüssing & Köll MTO shoes

One more thing. If you like German mechanical watches (Glashütte etc.), there are a number of shops in Dresden that offer reasonably priced automatics, new and used.


Freddy said...

That white shirt with the big logo
on the front is a Van Laack use to be a quality "classic shirtmaker".
I do not like the new offerings.
Folks did not like the small logo before!
They make a great shirt with some
unique design and stiches but they
are taking a new approch.
Freddy Vandecasteele

sleevehead said...

Freddy - Good to hear from you! You have a keen eye to notice the small label in the photo. I had heard of van Laack but did not know much about them. As you say, they are a "classic" shirtmaker or at least have an Interesting history.

Anonymous said...


this ad besides the shoes doesn't talk about the shoes.

It says you can get custom made cases...

Anonymous said...

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