Thursday, November 05, 2009

Foster & Son update: Norwegian derby

Earlier this week, I received a pair of Foster shoes - a three eyelet Norwegian stitched apron derby with a lovely dark chestnut finish carrying just a touch of russet brown (less reddish than the photos suggest). They turned out spectacularly well in terms of fit and finish.

Foster Norwegian derby 02

Foster Norwegian derby 01

Conventional wisdom says the Italians have superior finishing compared to the English shoemakers. If this is any example, I think the English can more than hold their own in this department.

Foster Norwegian derby 04

Foster Norwegian derby 05


Rob said...

Bravo. Those are very pretty.

sleevehead said...

Thanks Rob, I am almost reluctant to wear them so as to preserve their current pristine condition. But I will have to get over that I think!

SMII said...

Did you mention they were bespoke? Very nice sole treatment and overall design. You choose Foster & Son over the more popular G&G - interesting.

sleevehead said...

SMII - Yes, they are bespoke pair from Foster. Each shop has a different feel and personality and of the different shops I spoke to I happened to 'click' best (no pun intended) with Foster.