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Anderson & Sheppard: "Shouldering" up on sales

    Michael Alden, moderator of the London Lounge, has launched a new blog Dress with Style, and recently posted a video interview with John Hitchcock of Anderson & Sheppard. The noteworthy quote for me during the interview occurred at the beginning, when Hitchcock says "We're up 25 percent up on orders this year, which is fantastic. If you went back a few years, you would have thought bespoke was dying. Instead of that, it's come back in a big way "

That's a common theme I've heard at a few tailors and specialty retail shops that are weathering the Great Recession very nicely - even as luxury department stores and high end retailers are hurting. Part of their success may be due to a "flight to quality" but I think there's a more interesting set of forces at work, which I'll write about it soon (I hope).

[Original video no longer available]

At any rate, for those who still are not familiar with the A&S look, Hitchcock goes on to explain the shoulder and chest construction of the A&S cut using a work-in-progress jacket.

If you tend to think visually, this is the best, quick explanation of the A&S cut you'll probably find (and from their head cutter and managing director to boot).

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