Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Decoding styles inside out: "The man oft proclaims his apparel"

Nerd Boyfriend is a clever, visually interesting blog - a kind of historical Sartorialist for the clothing worn by the creative set - well-known artists, writers, musicians, actors, directors and academics of the past.

But it departs from the Sartorialist, which focuses exclusively on the visual interest of the contemporary clothes worn by people on the street. Scott Schuman, creator of the Sartorialist, is all about the clothes being worn today, now, in Milan, London, Paris, New York, etc. Nerd Boyfriend inverts the logic by starting with the person, preferably with a background of some interest, rather than his clothes.

In other words, let's take some accomplished people and see what their clothes look like. What's interesting is that the men shown are not exactly mainstream style icons but are nonetheless interesting, accomplished men in their own right. The idea is to take historical figures of interest and ask the question - So how did they dress or "proclaim" themselves (with apologies for rewording Shakespeare's well-known line)? And then link the photo to similar garments or accessories available today, if the fancy strikes you to wear something similar.

Depending on your style, you will likely find more than a few well-dressed examples in NB's photostream. The styles shown are an eclectic mash-up of Ivy League, collegiate, workwear, English dandyism and often, seemingly, no particular influences at all apart from the individuals themselves.

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