Sleevehead: The state of the union in men's clothes . . . in 1935                                                          

The state of the union in men's clothes . . . in 1935

    Greetings from January 1935 - some 75 years ago. Here are some highlights from the digital version of the January 1935 issue of Vanity Fair. They show how much dressing has changed over the years and a bit that has remained the same.

Vanity Fair Jan 1935 knitted jersey (right)

Vanity Fair Jan 1935 knitted jersey back

1) Highlights from a clothing review of London under King George V's reign (pp. 52-53)
- "Steady growth in the popularity of the black Homburg and wearing a dark red carnation worn during the day"
- The invention of the "Cripcote" single piece leather vest
- Anderson & Sheppard's pleated jersey knit jacket (see photos above)
- Tailor West and Son, on the corner of Bruton and Bond, which introduced plus fours to London, as well as a new belted sports jacket similar to a Norfolk jacket

2) Advertisement for Brooks Bros "Peal" suitcases, a label BB still sells (p. 58)

3) Advertisement for Talon trousers (p. 65)

4) Shopping for men column (pp. 67-68)
- M. Tardy, a French hatter in NYC
- Wylie and Peterson bootmakers (Russia calf boots selling for just $41)
- Tripler, the legendary New York men's retailer
- Knize Ten cologne (still in production)

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