Sunday, February 21, 2010

Neapolitan suits and tailors in NYC

The juggernaut of interest in Neapolitan suits and jackets finally has been answered. Sensing unmet demand, visiting shirtmakers and tailors from Naples have now made it to New York City. Hopefully we have now reached market equilibrium, supply has met demand and satisfaction has been attained by the masses.

According to this Styleforum thread, you will now have access to Anna Matuozzo shirts (450-500 euros per shirt - gulp!), Gianni Volpe for suits and jackets and ties by Matuozzo and Cappelli in the accessible metropolis of New York City.

And don't forget Neapolitan trousermaker Ambrosi, also visiting NYC these days. Sartoria Pirozzi had been planning to visit NYC in 2008 though it is not clear if it ever happened.

At any rate, I should note that back in 2007 I did a write-up on Nedo Bellucci and the availability of Neapolitan suits and jackets in NYC. At the time, I think he was the only one with a NYC presence.

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