Sunday, May 23, 2010

Vancouver tailors: Succession and retirement

A couple of years ago I wrote about "mutually assured succession" within the tailoring trade. In Vancouver, a couple of tailors have made the news recently regarding the issue of succession. One is Chinese, the other Italian.

Modernize Tailors consists of two 85 year old brothers, Jack and Bill Wong, who are the subject of a CBC documentary called "Tailor Made". The sartorially minded men in Vancouver should be quite happy if the Wong brothers continue to make jackets like the ones shown below.

The brothers' attempt at a succession plan resulted in a trial apprenticeship of J.J. Lee, who covers fashion at the Vancouver Sun.

In contrast, Renzo Montagliani, originally from Genoa, is closing up his shop after half a century in the trade. He's had a good life in being a tailor but it appears it's too late to find a successor.

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Gentleman's Gazette said...

Thanks for link to the video and the modernize blog. Do you have a clue where this documentary could be found in full?

Thanks, Gentleman's Gazette

sleevehead said...

Not offhand, but the distributors probably have made it available for retail purchase. Here's a link: