Sunday, December 05, 2010

English tailoring: Jasper Littman

Here's a short video documentary of English tailor Jasper Littman at work with a new client on a semi-bespoke or made-to-measure suit. I'm not a customer of Littman but I enjoyed watching the video for some of the commentary and footage of tailors and workshops.

Journalist Mads Qvortup and Littman chat about the proprieties of buttoning a one-button suit, flip through a Richard James Weldon linings book (I'm sure I'm not the only who recognized that book), discuss the gentlemanly preference to bypass belted loops on trousers in favor of side adjusters, and make note of the shaped waist of a classic Savile Row suit.

The suit that is produced seems decently well-fitting for 750 GBP. The shoulders and waist come out well if you like structured suits. I suspect perhaps the collar might be a touch loose though it's difficult to tell with certainty in the video.


Anonymous said...

Littman's generalized comments about Hong Kong somewhat betrays ignorance. Indeed, suits from Hong Kong's top tailors generally cost more than he charges! Talk about getting what you pay for ...

Peter Forrester said...

Clearly you've misunderstood what Littman has said here.
He's making a wider point about the businessman sent to Hong Kong/Thailand etc. for a meeting who is tempted by the usual £100 - £200 'bespoke' suits that are readily available in shops all over the Far East. Put together in 3 days usually.

They're nearly always awful and I've seen enough of them around the City to know.
If there are more expensive suits in Hong Kong then perhaps they're overcharging...?
There are no decent tailors out there so they shouldn't be charging above Savile Row prices
for made-to-measure imo.

The point Littman makes is that if you want a well tailored suit you have to pay for it, and trying to cut corners by having one made cheaply in the Far East simply won't work - hence the "You get what you pay for" comment which you seem to have misunderstood.
No wonder you want to remain anonymous.

A Different Anonoym said...

Anonymous's point was that Littman's remarks seemed to suggest Peter Forrester's interpretation of the latter's words : "there are no decent tailors" in Hong Kong. Of course such a generalisation is preposterous. But the fact that Forrester puts Hong Kong in the same category as Thailand or in the rather undifferentiated mass called "the Far East" is all one needs to know about him.