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English tailoring: Jasper Littman

    Here's a short video documentary of English tailor Jasper Littman at work with a new client on a semi-bespoke or made-to-measure suit. I'm not a customer of Littman but I enjoyed watching the video for some of the commentary and footage of tailors and workshops.

Journalist Mads Qvortup and Littman chat about the proprieties of buttoning a one-button suit, flip through a Richard James Weldon linings book (I'm sure I'm not the only who recognized that book), discuss the gentlemanly preference to bypass belted loops on trousers in favor of side adjusters, and make note of the shaped waist of a classic Savile Row suit.

The suit that is produced seems decently well-fitting for 750 GBP. The shoulders and waist come out well if you like structured suits. I suspect perhaps the collar might be a touch loose though it's difficult to tell with certainty in the video.

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