Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Central European style: A brown suede Budapester

A very nice Budapester featuring a goiser (aka goyser or "goiserer") welt by shoemaker Koronya.

Additional links
- Styleforum thread on Budapester model above
- Styleforum thread on split v. reverse welt


Des Esseintes said...

This is a dapper shoe.

Quick question: Is a Goiserer welt technically the same as a triple welt very occasionally found on English shoes, too?



sleevehead said...

I believe they are different. I saw the triple welt on the Styleforum shoe thread, which doesn't expose the stitching.

Quoting from the Vass website, "Reverse-welted shoes – also known as Goyser-sewn shoes – are produced by manually sewing the welt together with the upper part, then with the insole, and finally the sole is sewn together. In this case three rows of stitches is produced".

Any shoemakers are welcome to comment!

marcell said...

They are different.
I made this pair, so I believe I count to be a shoemaker.

sleevehead said...

Hi Marcell, I heard you are now teaching shoemaking in the US. Congratulations!