Saturday, May 07, 2011

Napoli su misura: First fitting

Earlier this year, I joined the steady stream of Styleforum members in trying out the visiting tailor Napoli su misura comprised of Mina and Dino. I had a length of silk/linen (10.5oz) jacketing fabric that I dropped off for NSM to make up for me as spring/summer sportcoat.

Napoli su misura silk-linen jacket 01

Napoli su misura silk-linen jacket 04

My first fitting in midtown Manhattan occurred this week and I must say I was impressed (having gone through first fittings with different tailors in North America, Europe and Asia). The fit of my try-on jacket was pretty close to final - balance, length, collar and shoulder all looked good. Although I'll reserve judgment on pattern matching until the final jacket arrives, I could probably live with how the pattern lined up on the try-on.

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