Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Introducing Sleevehead's Guide to Sicilian Tailors

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I'm pleased to announce that my guide on Sicilian tailors is now available. Please check out the description of the e-book or click on the navigation button above for more details. To purchase, click on the buy now button above. Payment is accepted via PayPal, Visa and Mastercard.

Below are teaser photos featuring the work of a couple of mystery bespoke Sicilian tailors:

Note the lack of chest darts in the middle photo with the 2 jackets.


ICM said...

An ebook on Sicilian tailors, how exciting! Very poor literature on the subject. I'm hoping it'll bring more business to Sicilian tailors from abroad, and at $99, it couldn't be anything but discerning customers! But maybe you should consider changing the cover image. That appears to be a gorgeous coat, but the photo is not good at all, it's out of focus. Fabric is all about nuances, after all.

sleevehead said...

ICM, thanks for the interest and feedback on the cover photo. I guess it's one of the hazards of completely self-publishing a book from beginning to end. The sleevehead is actually in focus but you are correct the chest is out of focus.

I am taking another round of photos but I actually may end up keeping the cover photo for a symbolic reason. The fact that it is not a perfectly composed shot is very much in keeping with the Sicilian theme.

Bespoke in Sicily requires a special level of effort and it is not a place where things are perfectly in order and predictable. So a person who is not used to this is probably not the ideal person to take advantage of Sicilian tailoring.

I do spend a bit of time in the e-book on who should or shouldn't buy this guide but all for a very good reason!

ICM said...

In any case, it's important that there is interest in tailoring. Savile Row is all well and good, but if tailoring is going to survive, its fate should not rest on the shoulders of nouveau riche Russian billionaires attempting to buy class, but on the shoulders of regional tailors all around the globe.

sleevehead said...

Yes we do need additional communities of tailors flourishing in different parts of the world. Perhaps naively, my hope is that this e-book helps the community of Sicilian tailors continue to do what they do best.

I also certainly hope my book attracts the type who is a bit more discerning than the billionaire you describe!

Hookah-dum said...

te fairst's the ideel jacket fo red wine drinkin'! great color there!

Anonymous said...

Links to some of these taylors homepages could have done a good service to your effort.

Anonymous said...

Hi Juhn,
Mention of inks to some of these taylors websites could have done a good service to your effort.

sleevehead said...

Believe it or not, none of the Sicilian tailors covered in the e-book has a website or email address. In addition, with one exception, none of them speaks English.

Even further, I think I am the first American customer for most of these tailors, and in some cases I think am their first overseas customer.

Hence the rationale for this e-book! Given the language and cultural challenges, this is not for the faint of heart even for the experienced bespoke buyer.