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Benson & Clegg shirtmaking

    I had the opportunity to drop by London haberdashery Benson & Clegg, perhaps more well-known for their cufflinks than their shirts. However, I learned they offer a semi-bespoke and MTM shirt service.

Here are the details:
I also learned that their shirtmaker is located in the East End of London. B&C make three visits to NYC per year.

Benson & Clegg
Benson & Clegg covert coat
If you're visiting B&C, you might as well visit Budd Shirtmakers. Here's a bit of whimsy a la cravat if you can read the words on the tie.

Budd window display
And Loake's relatively new store in Prince's Arcade:

Loake Princes Arcade
Loake Prince's Arcade

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