Sunday, January 12, 2014

Accessory round-up

Happy new year, I recently received a few accessories which I thought I would share. They are a very elegant pair of Vass austerity brogue shoes, a bespoke Yellow Hook cashmere tie made in Brooklyn and an Equus leather belt crafted using highly durable English bridle leather and brass hardware.

In addition, I note that this month - January 2014 - marks the ninth (!) anniversary of this blog. It's been an enjoyable journey so far and I look forward to see how the next chapter unfolds.


cincinnatus said...

Hi Juhn, Happy New Year and congrats on your wonderful choices: the classy (austerity brogue) and practical (dainite) shoes especially! And thanks for the inspiration. Your book is winging its way to me as i write and I hope to start Italian classes soon. cheers NC

sleevehead said...

Thanks, best wishes for the new year to you as well. I'm happy to hear you're diving into Italian and perhaps visiting Sicily sometime in the future.