Friday, April 28, 2017

Update - Sleevehead's Guide to Sicilian Tailors

I will be updating my 2011 guidebook on Sicilian tailors with a new edition. Expected date of publication is summer 2017. The second edition will provide improved visual content, updated tailor information and logistics.

All customers of the original e-book will receive the updated second edition free of charge via the email address submitted at the time of purchase. Unfortunately, I don't have the contact information of purchasers of the print version on and

However, if you send me an email with a copy of the invoice I would be happy to accommodate and send you a digital update.


zatara wood said...

How can I purchase your guide to Sicilian tailors?

sleevehead said...

Thanks for visiting. The book can be purchased by clicking on the links to the top right of this page or going to this link: