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Sartorial Madrid: Teba jacket, Museo de Traje

    I had a chance to stop by Madrid, Spain recently and enjoyed my stay in this stylish city, especially certain districts like the Salamanca area where the photo below was taken.

Madrileno wearing a Teba jacket

What I like about this gentleman is the candidness and lack of affect in wearing his tan Teba jacket. The Teba is just a matter of fact in his day-to-day life. The men's clothing forumites will no doubt have much to criticize with his choice of trouser color and/or a relatively low trouser rise. Ah well, he looks comfortable in my book.

Museo de Traje Madrid

For the "advanced" dresser, I also recommend a visit to the Museo de Traje (or Museum of Costume) which houses a strong historical collection of men's and women's clothing. Although the women's collection is more extensive, the museum offers a nice array of men's tailcoats and their evolution in the 18th and 19th century, as well as Spain's rich history of regional dress.

Also in the Salamanca district I walked into a men's store called Denis (Hermosilla 11), a kind of Spanish take on Anglo-American trad. The store's business card reads "Camiseria, Novedades, Articulos de Caballero". What I saw in the shop were: Alden shoes, Fox umbrellas, Fay vests, Christy's hats, private label shirts and private label espadrilles in canvas, green, brick red and blue (75 euros).

Next up is a description of my visit to the tailor Jaime Gallo.

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